Exeter Science Park Ltd. has been  established to drive a knowledge-based economy in the South West.  Our aim is to grow science, technology, engineering, data, environmental and medicine enterprises across the region; encouraging knowledge sharing between scientists and business, as well as incubating new, disruptive technologies. The ultimate vision, by 2030, is for multiple, state of the art buildings, housing high-tech start-up companies, employing thousands of innovative employees with a passion for science and technology, supported by a thriving innovation eco-system.

Exeter Science Park Ltd (ESPL) is the result of a vision to develop a science park at Exeter in the south-west of the United Kingdom to facilitate the growth of innovative, fast-growing STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical) companies that exploit world-class research, create high-quality jobs, attract and retain talent, and drive productivity and economic growth.

ESPL’s shareholders are Devon County Council (DCC), East Devon District Council (EDDC), Exeter City Council (ECC) and the University of Exeter (UoE). It is effectively a not-for-profit company which is operated on a ‘not for distribution’ basis to ensure that all income and capital is used for the benefit of the business.

ESPL is currently focused on becoming financially sustainable by 2021 based on owning and operating five buildings that are at various stages of development:

  • The Science Park Centre (SPC) with café, meeting rooms and hot desking facilities that was opened in 2015 and is 90% full at the start of April 2018.
  • Three Grow-on Buildings (GoB) that are currently under construction and expected to be available from October 2018.
  • An Open Innovation Building that is currently being planned and will not become available until Q4 2019 at the earliest.

By 2021, we expect around 700 high-value, knowledge-based jobs to be based at the science park. However, we are about to start planning for the next phase of growth requiring the development of around 180,000 sqft of offices, laboratories and other technology facilities which is expected to cost over £60M. We expect this to result in a further 1,500 jobs at the science park by 2027.

Meanwhile, Individual companies are growing from hot-desk to small office suite in the SPC, and then moving to larger office suites in the SPC before looking to relocate to the new Grow-on Buildings.

Our mission statement comprises four key strands:

  • To drive growth in knowledge-based science, technology, engineering and medicine related enterprise in the region;
  • To be a prime location for successful science-based business development combined with excellent quality of life;
  • To promote the region's world-leading scientific capacity and international ambition;
  • To contribute significantly to the Government's innovation agenda by encouraging knowledge transfer between the research base and innovative business.

If you're interested in our current vacancies, we'd love to hear from you.

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